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Success For Your Songs

Unleash the secrets that will bring Success For Your Songs. Discover the best method for writing lyrics, creating melodys, and developing chord progressions.

Success for Your Songs focuses on two powerful methods to help you write mesmerizing songs from start to finish. Method one, is the Find Inspiration Method. Utlizing this method you will learn how to draw inspiration from other songs you hear and transform it into a song that is completly your own creation.

Method number two is the Do It Yourself Method. In this case you reach deep into your own consciousness to create unique songs from within. These songs will have a completly new sound for your listeners to enjoy. 

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Here is What You Will Learn in the Melody Section:

The 2 components of a melody

How to create a melody that is interesting and memorable

Create a completely different sound by simply changing the the rhythm

How to modify a melody to create a unique tune

Creating contrast that your listeners will love

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Discover These Secrets in the Lyrics Section:

Keep listeners engaged when you tell a complelling story

Incorporating metaphors to write memorable lyrics 

Coming up with titles that jump out at your listeners

When to use rhymes or not

Why you should avoid cliches

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Learn this from the Chord Progression Section:

Include a familiar sound in your song, while making it new at the same time

Modify a standard chord to create a unique sound

Changing from major to minor to change the mood of a song

Using contrasting chords to create an enjoyable sound

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