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Ukulele Buddy:

Learn how to play the Ukulele the easy way with the Ukulele Buddy program. This easy-to-follow course offers simple step-by-step lessons and has been specifically developed for beginners. So if you are just staring out learning how to play the Ukulele, this is the course for you!

You are going to have a blast learning to play the Ukulele with the Ukulele Buddy Tutorials. Your friends will be in awe over your newly found skill. The course will teach you how to play along with other insturments too, so you can break out the Ukulele at family gatherings and parties and have a great time making music.

The Ukulele Buddy tutorial was created by fellow Uke lover, JP Allen. JP has been teaching and performing in the music industry for over 20 years. He will use his teaching experience to have making beautiful music with your Uke in no time.

Forget boring practice sessions, with Ukulele Buddy you simply play along and learn as you go. Its like a jam session with your musician pals, everytime you pick up your Uke. Never practice alone again!

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Heres what you get in 10 hours of video training:

The Basics: Everything you need to build a foundation and get started

The Chords: Master all of the chords you need to play proficiently

Strumming Secrets: Sound like a pro

Rhythm Techniques: Nail the beat with these practice patterns

Masterclass: Taking your sound to another level

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