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Drum Lessons

Begin Druming – Lessons by Jim McCarthy:

Jim McCarthy’s extensive Drum Lessons will take you from a beginner drummer to an expert drum soloist in no time. The Begin Druming unique learning system will help you to learn how to play the drums faster and easier than most other training programs. The systems four step approach of combining video training, audio instruction, detailed text lessons, and amazing graphics will have you playing like a pro.

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How to Write Drum Charts:


The book How to “Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart” will help all drummers learn complete song sets in a hurry so they will be ready for the show.

The book was composed by renowned drummer Elizabeth Ficalora, a Berklee Graduate, professional working drumer, and precussion teacher. This incredible, how-to book will teach you a simple method of writing down music for both cover songs and orginal music.


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Groove is King – Professional Drum Lessons:

All of this amazing video content featured in the Groove is King program was shot in High Definition using professional recording equipment. Each valuable lesson has been formated in such a way that the content is both educational and enjoyable. “The Groove is King, where the feel is more important than the fill.”

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Stick Techniques:

This in depth guide was developed specifically for drummers who want to acheive faster drumming and focus on improving their drumming technique.

The training tips in this book will teach you how to play faster with greater ease, improve your control, how to avoid injuries, and more……

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