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Sheet Music for Popular Songs
Mix Music Like a Pro

Lessons for All Music Genres, Every Instrument, and Vocals


Become the singer you always dreamed of becoming when you follow the Sing-O-Rama course. You will discover exactly how to sing thougout your entire vocal range. You will hit all the notes to perfection just like a pro.

With the Sing-O-Rama Mini Recording Studio software you will master the art of singing. The lessons are engaing and you will find that the instructions are easy to follow and make perfect sense. 


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Here is What You Will Learn With the Sing O Rama System:

How to get started as a singer

Vocal Techniques

Key Signatures and Time Signatures

Tricks on how to keep rhythm and handle intervals

Find your singing style

Learn entire songs from begining to end

How to extend your vocal range

Preparing for auditions

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