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This top selling voice course will walk you through 10 easy steps that will take you on the path to singing success. Both new and experienced singers will learn everything you need to know to boost your singing career with the Singing is Easy program.

The Singing is Easy method teaches singers how to utilize your voice like an instrument. You will gradually increase your singing range and master breathing techniques. Learn the secret that will prevent you from going hoarse after singing for long periods.

Not only will you learn the best exercises to develop a stronger voice, you will also learn how to apply what you learn to the songs you love to sing.

Choose between the online singing lessons or a hard copy.

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Here are the 10 Easy Steps Covered in the Course:

  • Preparation:avoid the most common mistakes that singers make
  • Airflow: focus on proper inhalation
  • Tone Creation: increase your vocal range
  • Diaphram: strengthen your diaphram
  • Resonation: get the most out of your tone
  • Tone Placement: learn how to manipulate your voice
  • Scales Octaves and Theory: learn how to identify the notes you are singing
  • Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina: getting stronger
  • Putting it All Together: getting ready to perform
  • Vocal Maintenance: continuous improvement

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