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Secret Guitar Teacher

The Secret Guitar Teacher, by Nick Minnion, offers a full complement of downloadable, easy-to-use, training guides to help you master playing the guitar. Nick began teaching himself how to play the guitar when he was just 8 years old. By the time he was 15 he was already teaching guitar basics at his local primary school. Nick founded a guitar training center where at one time 200 students were tutored. He now devotes all of his free time to these amaxing downloadable, guitar training guides.

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The Complete Beginners Accoustic Guitar Course:

With virtually no guitar playing experience at all, this guide will have you playing songs in no time.

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The Complete Beginners Electric Guitar Course

Novice guitar players will learn how to play intros, how to change cords quickly, and how to strum clean cords.

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Are you fed up with watching so-called ‘guitar teaching videos’ where self proclaimed expert guitarists just show off thier guitar playing skills and fail to teach you anything?

It’s time to watch lessons created by a teacher whose focus is on what you need to learn and do to become a great guitar player. The Secret Guitar Teacher will show you everything you need to do and how to do it profeciently.

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Beginers Blues Course

Download the Beginner’s Blues Course and you can learn to play The Blues, at your own pace.

You will find yourself playing authentic sounding Texas-style blues after just a few hours of practic. Your friends and family will be amazed when the hear you on the guitar.

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Rock n Roll Rudiments

Follow the instructions on each video and in no time you will be playing the most popular Rock n Roll tunes of all time.

Learn to play the riffs and chords of Chuck Berry’s Johny B Good, The Beatles “Saw Her Standing There” and more.

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