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Dr. Drum

Make Hot Techno Sounds of Your Own Using Dr. Drum

You will be the life of the party when you get the crowd rocking with your hot new, techno sounds that you produced yourself by harnessing the power of the Dr. Drum Beat Making Software. The Dr. Drum software comes complete with everything you will need to get started, and its available in one affordable  package. This Hi-Tech system includes the 3 most powerful music creation tools available on the market today. You will utilize these very effective tools to produce your own, unique, edited music. 

Mix Your Own Music Like a Pro:

The music posibilites are endless. There are no limits to the custom sounds you can create with the power of Dr. Drum’s Beat Maker. Create new beats for any music genre. Start with a clean sheet or search the thousands of music recordings available in Dr. Drums giant database.

Master the 12 pad kit as find your own style. The easy-to-use inteface accelerates the learning curve so you can be producing new beats in just 5 minutes. If you already have your own recorded sounds, you can import them into the Dr. Drum system and with just one quick click you can transform them into  polished professional tracks.

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A Powerful Mixer for Keyboards, Bass, and Drums:

The Dr. Drum 16 track sequencer will give you the same powerful tools that the pros use. You will be creating mind-blowing sound effects using the 4 octave Dr. Drum keyboard.

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