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Singing Opera

The Sing Opera Now program will help you discover your very own Operatic voice. You will surprise yourself with a bold, beautiful, sound almost immediately after you start the Sing Opera Now program.

Creator Vic Dorfman teaches you the fundamentals of singing opera in a very concise way that is easy to folllow. Simply read the eBook and watch the video lessons and your voice will become more operatic every day.

Vic will even provide mentorship to keep you on track.

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Discover these great singing secrets when you purchase the program:

  • Double the volume of your operatic sound using yur natural resonators
  • Develop a true Vibrato that you can utilize over your entire vocal range
  • Improve your focus
  • Learn how to breath properly so you can tackle the longest musical phrases
  • Discover the secrets to mastering an audition
  • Transform your sound with 4 simple exercises
  • Learn how to avoid injury

Listen to a Sample Now:

Discover the secrets to singing opera now!!!!!!!!!!!

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