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Mixing Music

Dr. Drum:

You will be the life of the party and rock the crowd when you produce your own hot new, techno sounds using the Dr. Drum Beat Making Software. The Dr. Drum software comes complete with everything you will need in one affordable package. This State-of-the-art music making system includes the 3 most powerful tools available on the market today. 

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Sonic Producer:

You can find your own sound, make your own beats, and then edit your creation using professional tools. You can even save it as a studio quality WAV file or MP. With Sonic Producer you can easily share your custom beats on Social Media like Facebook. The state-of-the-art, 16 Track Sequencer makes it easy to add measures on the fly so you can mix new tracks fast. The  package comes with 12 programable drum pads so you can add custom drum beats on every recording. You have ultimate control of the volume levels over all 16 tracks.

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BTV Solo:

If one of your goals is to become a music producer, then BTV Solo is the tool you have been searching for. You can produce your very own professional electronic, rocking, beats using your Mac Computer or PC from the comfort of your home. Crank out new music on your own schedule, and break into the music industry.

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Beat Generals:

Learn how to make your own beats utlizing the power of the FL Studio Tutorial Videos. This increadible package by Beat Generals will teach you how to become a super producer by sharing the latest techniques and tricks just like the pros use. These are the same secrets that professional producers employ to create the hottest beats you hear on the radio today.

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Beats 365

You can download thousands of beats for FREE when you sing up for the Beats 365 online music download program. All Beats 365 Members have access to hundreds of musical tracks from virtually any music genre you can imagine. You can download entire Music Tracks, a variety of Music Beats, Hundreds of Sound Effects and Special Effects from the Beats 365 giant collection. Choose backgound music from a large library of Nature Sounds and Instrumentals. 

How The Program Works:

It’s easy, you simply sign up for a Beats 365 Membership plan and you will have access to the entire library of music. Then you can download any music tracks you want or will ever need. Your music access is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, so you can work on your music project round the clock.

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Mega Music Maker

When you sign up for the Mega Music Maker Membership program you will be able to download thousands of beats that you can incorporate into your project. You can utilize the powerful music mixing tools to make your own new sounds. If you create something unique and you can sell your beats online for extra cash.

Mega Music Maker is jam packed full of thousands of unique sounds from all music genres. You will have access to incredible combos and wild drum beats.

Once you have joined you will be able to arrange complete songs on your personal home computer in just minutes. You can also log in to the Mega Music Maker system remotely and create beats online.

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