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Gospel Piano

This breakthrough system will have you playing Gospel Piano in just 30 days. Marcus Sillwood has developed this easy-to-use program from his own life expereinces. Using his secrets you will discover the most important musical terms to study and memorize to improve your piano playing skill. After just 30 days of using the course, your audiance will be mesmerized as they watch you play.

Learn to Play Gospel Piano, will teach you how to fill in the empty spaces in your music. Learning to improvise on the spot will take you from a novice pianist level to that of a gifted, expert, piano player.

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Here are just a few examples of what you will learn:

New techniques to get the most out of your practice sessions to bring your gospel piano playing to life

Memory training exersizes that will help boost your confidence 

How to properly use your fingers and when you should use your thumb

Tricks to help you make your piano sing as you play gospel music

How to utilize the metronome to help you improve your skill

Learn why you need to know how to improvise when playing Gospel Music on the piano

Secrets to playing the piano when accompanying a Gospel Choir

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Why Play the Piano?
  • Chapter 2 – Looking at the Piano
  • Chapter 3 – The Home Keys and A to G
  • Chapter 4 – What are Scales?
  • Chapter 5 – Reading Music: Introduction
  • Chapter 6 – The Lines and The Spaces
  • Chapter 7 – Written Piano Music and Rhythm
  • Chapter 8 – Personal Story: Learning Piano Basics
  • Chapter 9 – Keys and Key Signatures
  • Chapter 10 – Get it Together with Chords
  • Chapter 11 – The Big Fake and Improvisation
  • Chapter 12 – Sight Reading Written Music
  • Chapter 13 – Music Terminology for Beginners
  • Chapter 14 – Finding and Choosing Music to Play
  • Chapter 15 – Practicing on Your Own
  • Chapter 16 – The Small Spotlight: Playing for Friends and Family
  • Chapter 17 – Playing for Public Events
  • Chapter 18 – How Playing the Piano Became My Occupation
  • Chapter 19 – Tips for Beginning Piano Players
  • Chapter 20 – Lessons and Piano Teachers
  • Chapter 21 – Conclusion: Enjoyment That Lasts a Lifetime

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