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Welcome to The Art of Making Music lesson section. We have reviewed all of the popular online music lesson courses we could find and have brought you the best programs available. You will find informaiton here for just about any instrument you can imagine including lessons for the Accordian, Banjo, Drums, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Violin, Ukulele, and more…… 

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It is so easy to learn how to play the accordian that you can start to play popular tunes after your first lesson. Enzo Giribaldi, the Accordian Master Instructor, will teach you everything you need to know to become the life of the party. With just a few, quick lessons from Enczo, you will be playing popular accordion tunes like the Chicken Dance and your favorite holiday music.

 Learn to Play the Accordion Now 

With Larry Unger’s Clawhammer Banjo Online Training Course simply follow along and you will learn how to play 17 of the most popular, old-time banjo tunes in just 90 days. Take advantage of Larry’s simple approach that walks you through slow versions of the songs so you can play along and learn each and every note by ear.

 Learn to Play the Banjo Now 

Online Drum Lessons utilize a 4 step approach that will have you playing the drums like a rock star in no time. The combination of video, audio, text, and detailed graphics will accelerate your learning curve.

 Learn to Play the Drums Now 

Compare the top online Guitar training courses. Riff Master Pro will have you playing super fast guitar riffs from your favorite tunes in no time. The Secret Guitar Teacher offers an easy to follow and effective course. Guitar Virtuosity teaches you how to overcome the mental challenges so you can become an extraordinary guitar player.

 Learn to Play the Guitar Now 

Online organ lessons can save you thousands of dollars as compared to lessons from a private tutor. Learn at your own pace and discover simple tricks that will have you playing just in time for the holidays.

 Learn to Play the Organ Now 

Learn to play the Piano online and save thousands of dollars. These step-by-step programs will have you playing the piano in no time. In just 30 days you will learn to play by ear and read and understand basic sheet music

 Learn to Play the Piaon Now 

Having trouble locating a Violin teacher? Look no further. You can take Violin lessons online using the Red Desert Violin program. Anyone with an internet connection can learn to play the Violin. The Red Desert Violin course can be accessed from your tablet, iPad, or any mobile device.

 Learn How to Play the Violin Now  

The Ukulele Buddy training program features 10 hours of basic training that will includes everything you need for a strong foundation. Master the Ukulele chords, learn strumming secrets and Rhythm techniqes.

 Learn How to Play the Ukulele 

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