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How To Write Drum Charts

If you are a Drummer and you need to learn a full song list in a hurray for an upcomming gig you should read the book “How to Write Drum Charts.” The book will show you the easy way to write drum charts fast so you can master the entire set and be ready to perform for the crowd. You will never miss an accent or a fill again. 

The book was composed by renowned drummer Elizabeth Ficalora, a Berklee Graduate, professional working drumer, and precussion teacher. This incredible, how-to book will teach you a simple method of writing down music for both cover songs and orginal music

Liz Ficalora Playing Track 4 Seven Whispers

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Written Exclusively for Drummers the Package Featues:

  • 66 Detailed Pages
  • 54 Track CD
  • 15 Charts of Current Popular Songs
  • More Drum Lessons

Liz Playing to Lay it Down Tracks:

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About the Author, Liz Ficalora

  • 35 years of practical experience as a touring drummer
  • Years of traveling band experience charting 100’s of songs
  • Berklee Graduate
  • Percusion Teacher

PASIC 2011 Master Class 1:

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Here is What You Will Learn From the Book:

  • How to chart out a song form
  • Learn how to determine the feel of a song
  • Learn how to define the Time Signature
  • Learn both basic and advanced Bass Drum & Snare Drum patterns
  • The best methods for organizing your material
  • Learn the best techniques for counting the band in

PASIC 2011 Master Class 2:

Heres What You Get:

  • Original song tracks that you can chart and learn to play along
  • A CD with 54 tracks of drum patterns for both novice and expert drummers
  • The easy 12 step method on writing drum charts for cover tunes and orginal scores
  • 15 drum charts of the most popular, current tunes
  • 4 pages of advanced drum feel patterns with notations
  • blank charts to copy and create your own charts

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