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Begin Druming – Lessons by Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy’s extensive Drum Lessons will take you from a beginner drummer to an expert drum soloist in no time. The Begin Druming unique learning system will help you to learn how to play the drums faster and easier than most other training programs. The systems four step approach of combining video training, audio instruction, detailed text lessons, and amazing graphics will have you playing like a pro.

Learn from the master himself. McCarthy has been teaching drums for almost 20 years. He’s not just a teacher, he has a ton of real world experience playing in fron of huge crowds.

45 Multi Media Lessons:

You will get 45 multi-media lessons. With each lesson you will improve your skill. We start you with the basics from holding the sticks properly and teaching you a few strokes. As you advance you will learn to play all of the basic beats used by todays rock stars.

Over 4 Hours of Video Instruction:

Begin Drumming comes with over four hours of video instruction. The files are downloadable as windows media files or standard MP4 files. Upload the files to your portable media player so you can listen while your play along.

52 Pages of Lessons:

The 52 pages of printable materials feature easy to read text and graphics. Print each lesson to use in the practice studio or review them onscreen when you study. 

198 Audio Files:

When you sign up for the Begin Drumming training kit you get 198 Audio Files. Each professional track has been developed to enhance the learning experience. Tracks can be slowed down while you are learing the patterns and then back to full speed when you are ready to rock. 

You get all This:

  • 4 Hours of Video Instruction
  • 45 Multi-Media Lessons
  • 198 Audio Files
  • Complete Sheet Music
  • Personal Support

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