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Play all the songs you want with the Singing Superstar Karaoke system. This powerful tool lets you test your skill as you sing along with your home PC. If you don’t want to sing alone, you and six of your singing friend can have a sound off contest.

The Singing Superstar Karaoke system makes it easy for you to create your own custom collection of songs using music you already have. You can gather songs from your movies, MP3 recordings, DVD’s, CD’s, and more.

Throwing a Karaoke party? The Singing Superstar Karaoke system will be the hit of your next party. Your library of music can include any music genre. Complie songs for Rap, Country, Pop, R&B, Rock, and more. The system is so easy to set up and use that you can do it in just 5 minutes, even after you have had a few drinks at the party.

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Get all this and more with the Singing Superstar Karaoke System:

Access to over 100,000 artists

Access to over 2 million songs and 200,000 albums

Pitch analyzer so you can compete against your friends or the original artist

Powerful Song Serach

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