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BTV Solo

If becoming a music producer is one of your musical goals, then BTV Solo is the solution you have been searching for. You can create your very own professional electronic beats that rock and wall pounding hip hop tunes using your Mac Computer or PC in the comfort of your home. Crank out new music on your own schedule.

Watch the Video:

Check Out What You Get In the BTV Solo Complete Package:

Turn your home computer into a your very own recording studio and harness the power of BTV Solo. DJ Zone, the largest DJ magazine published, named BTV Solo as “The Best DJ Innovation of 2012”.

Getting started is easy; the BTV Solo software package includes step by step training videos to get you up and running quickly. The system features over 100 professional drum kits. Each one performed by some of the most talented drummers in the world. Adjusting volume, frequency, and panning are super simple with the built in mixer.

Check out these special effects features:

  • Phasers
  • Flangers
  • Timestretch
  • Reverbs
  • Delays
  • Compressors
  • And more….

The BTV Solo Multi Channel Mixer:

Easy Navigation:

Full of shortcuts and triggers to make navigation easy. Spend less time learning the system and more time making music.

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Quantizing makes it easy to snap your notes into place. If you miss your mark Quantizing automatically makes the correction.

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