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Mega Music Maker

With the Mega Music Maker Membership program you can download thousands of beats to incorporate into your project or you can use the powerful tools to make your own new sounds. Create something unique and you can sell your beats online for extra cash.

Mega Music Maker is packed full of thousands of sounds from all music genres. You will have access to incredible combos and amazing drums.

Once you join you will be able to arrange complete songs on your personal computer in just minutes. You can also log in and create beats online.

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                 Make Music In All Genres Using These Powerful Tools

Fast Editing With:

  • Drag & Drop Everything
  • Rewind, FFD, Play, & Stop
  • Standalone & Online
  • Save Remotely or Download
  • Upload to the Marketplace

Drum Sequencer

  • 16 Tracks of Drums(scrollable)
  • Dynamic 4 Sample Touch
  • Independant Recording
  • 1,000’s of Drum Sounds

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16 Tracks of Madness

  • 16 Stero Track for Your Song
  • Color Coded For Ease of Use
  • Unlimited Length

Music Sequencer

  • Scrollable 7 Octave Sequencer
  • Play Live or Program
  • Tons of Sound Banks
  • Guitars, Synths, Bass, Horns
  • Dozens of Combos and Loops
  • Drag & Drop Your Sequence

7 Octave Keyboard

  • Records to Music Sequencer
  • Sound Bank Attached

9 Dynamic Pads

  • Assign Multiple Drums & Sounds
  • Dynamic in Nature
  • Recordable With Drum Sequencer

Full Mixer Control

  • 16 Programmable Faders
  • Mute & Solo
  • Panning on every track
  • Export Volume

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