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Sonic Producer

Produce Music Tracks & Beats Like a Pro With Sonic Producer

Find your own sound, make your own beats, edit it using professional tools and save it as studio quality WAV file or MP. With Sonic Producer you can easily share your custom beats on Facebook. The state-of-the-art, 16 Track Sequencer makes it easy to add measures on the fly so you mix music fast. The 12 programable drum pads allow you to add custom drum beats on every recording. You will have full control of the volume levels over all 16 tracks.


Sonic Beatmaker is One of the Hottest Music Making Tools on the Market

With Sonic Producer making music is so easy that you can make Killer Beats in only 5 minutes. You can make professional tracks even if you don’t have a clue how to read sheet music. This powerful package is the same tool used by professional musicians and recording artists. You may be a novice, but you will still master the Sonic Producer’s 4 Octave Keyboard in your first recording session.

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Check Out Everything You Get in the Sonic Producer Package


 The Features You Need:

  • A fully functional mixer with 16 channels
  • A keyboard covering a full 4 octave range
  • 12 fully programable Drum Pads
  • Easily add measures on the fly
  • The ability to upload your creations directly to Facebook
  • Download universal MP3 files
  • Download Studio Quality High Def 44.1K WAV Files
  • Access to thousands of top-qualtiy, pre-recorded sounds
  • 100% Royalty-Free rights to the beats you create
  • Save your work and come back and finish it later

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