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On Pitch Singing

Get started with the On Pitch Singing software and you will never be embarrased again by singing off key while performing. You won’t need to spend hours and hours practicing to improve your pitch; in just 10 minutes you will be singing on key and hitting every note more accurately than you ever have before. The pitch perfector software is packed full of useful tools that will help you improve your singing and have you singing in key in no time at all.

Many singers don’t even know if they are singing on pitch. They practice for hours and hours without even realizing that they are singing off key. The On Pitch Singing Software will solve this problem and higlight the areas you need to work on.

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                        Features of the New On Pitch Singing Software

  • Color coded record overlay
  • Selectable note duration
  • Harmony training complete with drone tones
  • Adjustable input level meter
  • Calibration adjustment

Don’t make the same mistake that many new singers make, they focus solely on increasing thier range so that they can reach the high notes. Then they discover, although far to late, that they aren’t reaching these notes afterall because they are singing off key. If you are off pitch just a little listeners will hear it, regardless if you are off pitch for a split second or the entire song. You can’t fool your fans.

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