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Vocal Lessons

Superior Singing Method:

Learn to sing better in just a few days with lessons from World Renowned vocal coach Aaron Anastasi. Superior Singing Method is the result over 25 years of practical experience.

Aaron’s teaching method has helped thousands of singers around the world. Artists from over 100 countries have benefited from the Superior Singing Method course. This easy to follow, step by step program will have you singing like a pro, even if you are a beginner with very little talent.

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Sing O Rama:

You can become the singer you always dreamed of becoming. Just follow the amazing course by Sing-O-Rama. Discover how to sing thougout your entire vocal range. Sing-O-Rama will teach you how to hit all the notes to perfection just like a pro.

Master the art of singing with the Sing-O-Rama Mini Recording Studio Software. Lessons are engaing so you will want to keep going. The instructions are easy to follow and make perfect sense.

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Pitch Master Pro:

In just a few short weeks you will learn the secrets that helped musical legends like Mariah Carry climb their way to the top of the charts. Whether you are just starting out or have many years of singing experience, this program will provide the proper tools and techniques to carry you well beyond your current level.

The secret is “Relative Pitch.” Pitch Master Pro will help you master the skill of determining note spacing, by ear. Pitch Mastr Pro will develop your “Musical Intuition”.

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Easy Singing Lessons:

Singing is Easy is one of the top selling voice courses available. It walks you through 10 easy steps as you follow the path to singing success. Both new and experienced singers alike will discover everything you need to know to accelerate your singing career with the Singing is Easy program.

The Singing is Easy method will show you how to utilize your voice like an instrument. Steadily increase your singing range and master the breathing techniques needed to excel in the industry. Discover the secret that will prevent you from going hoarse after singing for extened periods of time.

You learn the best exercises to develop a stronger voice. The course shows you how to apply what you learn to the songs you love to sing.

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Singing Opera:

The Sing Opera Now program will help you develop your very own, professional sounding, Operatic voice. You will unveil your own bold, beautiful, sound almost immediately after you start the Sing Opera Now program.

Creator Vic Dorfman will guide you on the fundamentals of singing opera in a very concise way that is very easy to folllow. Just take some time to read the eBook and watch the video lessons and your voice will transform to a more operatic sound every day.

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On Pitch Singing:

With the On Pitch Singing software you will never be embarrased again by singing off key. In just 10 minutes you will be singing on key and hitting the notes more accurate than ever before. The pitch perfector software is full of tools to help you improve your singing in no time.


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