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Riff Master Pro

Have you ever strugled trying to keep up with the super fast Riff’s when trying to learn one of you favorite tunes? Are their fingers so fast that you can’t hear the entire Riff? Then how will you ever learn to play it on your own guitar?

Riff Master Pro to the rescue! This unique product takes your favorite Riff’s and slows them down so you can learn them note by note. And most importantly, Riff Master Pro slows down the music without changing the pitch.

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Riff Master Gives You the Power To Play Guitar:

  • Master popular Guitar Solos easier and faster than ever
  • Master hot Guitar Cords
  • Master Guitar Riffs like a pro, faster than ever
  • Increase your speed so you can play any riff or solo
  • Learn the top licks
  • Learn how to play by ear so you can mimic any tune
  • Learn new songs faster than ever before

Play Slow To Get Faster:

Riff Master teaches you how to learn the most difficult songs by slowing down the music and speeding it back up when you master the licks. You will hear every note, one by one, so you can get the sequence and rhythm down before you play it at full speed.

Here is What Riff Master Can Do for You:

  • Slow down the music without changing the pitch
  • Slow down any Mp3, Wav, or wma file
  • Allows you to zoom in on the difficult sections
  • Use the loop feature so you can work on challenging riffs over and over
  • Save your loop selections so you can go back to them later to play again
  • Option to change the key if you want to recreate a song

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